Things Can Only Get Better…Can’t They?

As we usher 2021 out the door (or perhaps kick it, depending on the kind of year you’ve had), we can only hope 2022 brings us something to smile about.  Hope is all we have really. The hot topics of the year – politics and vaccines – have created a divided world in many of our lives. Not me so much as I feel like most people I know are like-minded but overall we really need to share a common goal. And that’s ridding ourselves of having to learn more of the Greek alphabet. It’s been a crazy year (few years) but every day there should be something to smile about and be grateful for. This year I actually completed my ‘Happiness Jar’. It’s my 3rd attempt at writing down ONE good thing that happened every day and putting it in a jar to read at the end of the year. Tonight is the night! I admit I didn’t submit my little paper ‘every’ day, but for the most part, I would remember to sit down and scratch out my positive experience for a lot of the days. If this life is getting you down, try it for 2022. It’s nothing more than a reminder that amidst the chaos, there is opportunity, good times, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, a pretty drive somewhere, a funny moment, a cherished experience. Not travelling outside the province was a notable hole these last two years, but Ontario is a beautiful place! “Yours to Discover” our licence plates say. And that we did. Just being able to come ‘home’ was another notable blessing. Working in this crazy real estate market has allowed me to see how grateful I am to not have to out there looking for a place I can’t afford, like many young couples/singles/families these days, who are either leaving the city or coming to the sad realization they may never own their own home. Things suck for a lot of us, but our minds are an amazing tool. It takes practice, but moving our thoughts out of ‘everything sucks’ to ‘everything is pretty damned good’ is my goal for 2022. What’s yours? Whatever it is, I wish everyone a healthy and happy year ahead.

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