I’m a realtor by day, but when I’m not showing houses or battling Toronto traffic I’m a hobby photographer/writer, tennis and golf enthusiast and…a dog lover. After many years away from photography (I was a working photographer in Australia in the 90s – back in the day of ‘film’, a somewhat retired word) and being a fearful ‘digital immigrant’, I decided to dive in early October 2014.  It was around then I adopted my dog, Sunshine, and noticed after a few outings, that she didn’t like hanging out in dog parks. So, we decided to walk the streets of Leslieville, where we live, instead. While she sniffed and scrounged, I began taking photos of street life again. For a bit of fun, I posted this short tale on my neighbourhood Facebook page, with the goal of posting one photo a day, taken during our walk, for 365 Days. A ‘Day in the Life of Leslieville…’ was born! One photo a day has expanded to 3 or 4 a day, and as I write, A Day in the Life ‘wrapped’ on Jan 14th, 2016. We did it!

It was sad calling it a day after 365 fantastic days of Leslieville, and now I invite you to join me on my new journey ‘Leslieville Lives: Stories from the ‘Ville‘, my take on Humans of New York. There are so many interesting people in my neighbourhood, I’ve decided to focus on the characters that abound and some of the unsung heroes, who do so much in the community but are otherwise ‘unknown’.  I hope you’ll enjoy this next adventure with us and continue to enjoy photos I upload of other parts of Toronto on the ‘Beyond Leslieville‘ page.