Everything’s Gonna Be All Right

Today’s the day that Ontario marks its ‘soft’ opening of restaurant patios, retail stores and other parts of our lives that have been, for the most part, ‘closed’ since March 2020. Hallelujahs rang out at midnight last night, although I was in bed. The days of waiting in line for anything were short (I think I stopped lining up for things in my early 20s) but that’s not to say there isn’t cause for celebration! To me it’s more that the world is becoming a safer place. That’s more of a cause to exhale than the fact we can shop, gather in bars and restaurant patios; although that’s great too, especially for the owners and staff. Maybe I’m showing my age; after all, I did have my second covid birthday last month, and damn it was a good one. All outdoors of course, and despite the restricted access to friend’s homes and gathering, we made it happen. The best gift was  vaccination #2, a veritable stamp on the passport of life. Yeeha! It is indeed a time to rejoice and once again feel free. Spring has sprung, the flowers have burst open and the temps are far more agreeable for hanging outside, walking the dog, communing and of course, playing golf. Covid hasn’t affected my life like it has others, as I don’t have kids, work a 9-5/shift or essential worker job, have to care for a senior parent or suffer financial insecurity – feeling very lucky/grateful for that – but I can feel the collective relief and joy in the air. What a crazy time we’ve all lived through. Here’s to lots of hugging, gathering, working, playing and general good times this coming summer.


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