Weather Report

It’s January 13th and there is definitely a winter chill in the air. I love winter, so no complaints here. And having to walk my dog, at least a few times daily, no matter the weather (rain/sleet/wind/heat/snow or hail), I have to find ways to enjoy the journey in these tougher weather days. So far, January has not disappointed! December saw a record number of grey days, and we’ve seen a lot this month too, but around 4:00 pm the sky seems to break and out comes the sun – for however long. Seeing it sets at 4:45-5:00 pm, not ‘too’ long. Lucky for us, that’s our afternoon walk time. Here’s a few suns we’ve seen on our January journeys so far. Enjoy!

**Wordpress decided to update to a whole new ball game ie; format (why can’t they leave well enough alone?) so things may not look quite the same. Not being very ‘tech-minded’, I can’t figure out how to label the photos without block text over each one. Eek. New formats are as scary as new computers to me! Just so you know, all the photos are taken at either Cherry Beach, en route to, or at Ashbridges Bay in east end/Leslieville, Toronto


Tropical Toronto

When I lived in Australia, there was a saying that Melbourne had ‘4 seasons in one day’. Well, recently we can apply that saying to Toronto. With the tropical downpours though, come incredible ‘after effects’. Lake Ontario has seen some serious flooding at Woodbine Beach and Ashbridges Bay as well as the Island, and while that’s bad environmentally, the photo opps are endless. The steam rising off the flood pool here must’ve been caused by the drop in temps yesterday creating a surrealistic landscape. And later in the day, the parting of the clouds revealed a gorgeous rainbow and crazy skies. As they say, ‘enjoy the good with the bad!’