October Skies

Hard to believe we’re having a beautiful Fall when September was like a series of hot August nights. Mother Nature is a clever old gal; she prepares us for Winter with these warm and breathtaking colours. Most of these pics are around the city. There are so many beautiful parks, ravines and avenues to take it all in. I hope you’ve taken/are taking it all in before it’s gone for another year. Enjoy!

*Featured Photo – Monarch Park


Toronto Life

After a wonderful Summer of cottage visits and the amazing Newfoundland trip, Toronto is still not a half bad place to ‘visit’. I live here of course, and on any given day, there’s a lot to see: in all its crazy weather conditions. Here’s a little slice of life in the city out adventuring (for the most part) with my co-pilot, Dr. Dre.  She wasn’t on all of these outings of course, but for the most part she gets to take a lot in with me. I think anyone with a dog and a camera can enjoy any place any time! *main pic Ashbridges House just a few minutes from home – our usual morning playground


Newfoundland – The Jewel in the Crown

About a year ago, a friend and I decided to take a trip to Newfoundland.  Her sister had been, as have a few friends of mine so we knew the places to go. To be honest though, I don’t have any recollection of seeing their photos or conversations about their trips, so I imagined it as a harsh land. They call it The Rock, so without even looking up photos or information about it, I assumed it to be a lot like Georgian Bay. Silly me. Part of me did that as I wanted that element of ‘surprise’ when we went, so didn’t want to know too much about the place. Ironic in a way, seeing that’s not what I usually do when I travel. I like to read about it, see it, and know what to expect.


Stormy Weather

In just over 3 weeks I think we’ve seen every kind of weather possible; rain, ice storms, hurricane-like winds, heavy fogs, snow, then 20C+ degree temps the next day. Crazy! Global warming is rearing its ugly head. The only upside is the great array of great photo opportunities this wild weather presents. Enjoy