Go Raptors!

It’s the day of the 5th game in the NBA Final. I had no interest in basketball until a week ago, but something that ties the city/province/country together like this is worth celebrating. The second most talked about thing after the Raptors? The weather. I was going to say Doug Ford, but let’s keep this civil!

So, on the day of the big game, let’s look back on the weather we’ve seen in the last month. Pretty crazy, unpredictable, wild and a bit scary. As Greta Thunberg says, it’s not climate change, it’s a climate crisis. Without going down that rabbit hole and feeling depressed about the state of Mother Earth, we can at least celebrate some of the beauty these crazy weather patterns are showing us. In Toronto, we haven’t had to endure the wrath of serious floods (except Toronto Island) or fires, or drought. But one thing people are talking about is their sleep patterns being disrupted, yours truly included. The full moon, sun flares, the planet tossing and turning? Who knows. Until then, or hopefully never, let’s do our part to help/save our beautiful planet and ourselves before it’s too late. Enjoy.

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  • cathy miller

    June 11, 2019 at 1:01 pm Reply

    Your photos are incredible as usual. The story they tell is perhaps, moreso.
    My feeling is we need to pay attention and act.
    Thank you for presenting it so well.

    Like you a new Raptor fan and so nervous.

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